Protective Roofing Solutions

liquid membrane


Liquid membrane is imperative for anyone who is looking to protect their building’s structure. This nifty creation can be applied to a number of surfaces, including roofs, balconies, decks and as a lining for water tanks.



This compound will present you with a flexible, strong and durable finish to any roof. Thanks to its exceptional water-resistant features, carpet membrane will keep humidity and heat away from your home. It comes in a range of colours.



A fibreglass-reinforced bituminous waterproofing membrane that is most suited for roofs. This compound is created using polypropylene modified distilled bitumen that is perforated with a specialised fibreglass mat carrier.

coolling roof


This economical cool roof solution is ideal for anyone who is looking to bounce sunlight off their home’s roof. Thanks to this application, your home will absorb less heat and can withstand high temperatures.

thermal insulation


These are perfect for those who would like to live n an energy-efficient building. You can opt for a fire-resistant option that comes with low thermal conductivities, all depending on your preferences.

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Our Treatments

We present our clients with a choice of waterproofing and remedial damp treatments. These are applied by our own team of technicians who are constantly supervised on the job. We present constant supervision to ensure a high-quality service, on-site surveys and continuous inspections.

Each and every one of our team members has been trained to maintain the high standards of quality when we at AG Waterproofing Services are well known for. Our work is backed by the Construction Guarantee Services Ltd (CGS).

Waterproofing Solutions