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To put it simply, waterproofing will make any structure of your choosing water-resistant. This means that it will be unaffected by any dampness or aqueous bodies. By applying waterproofing solutions to your building, you will be able to prevent water from entering into your structure. 

We at AG Waterproofing Services can present you with a number of waterproofing solutions thanks to our extensive range of membranes and coatings.

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Where Can It Be Applied?



Exposed walls can cause a number of issues for homeowners like mould, cracks and damage to concrete. We at AG Waterproofing Solutions provide unbeatable waterproofing solutions that will protect your home from any exterior leaks or dampness.



Cracks or holes can cause serious damage when penetrated by water. This means that if you waterproof your roof, you will be reducing the risk of structural damage, wear and tear, humidity levels and mould. Our waterproofing solutions can last up to 10 years.



By waterproofing your floors you will not only be preventing moisture buildups in your home, but you will also be aiding in the perseverance of your house’s tiles and flooring. This is a great solution for anyone who is looking to install old tiles or parquet flooring in their home.



This will stop any leaks or cracks from occurring. It will also keep your pool as watertight as possible. Waterproofing will present your structure with a long-lasting protective coating that will preserve your well for longer periods of time.



By applying waterproofing compounds to your basement, you will be preventing flooding. Another advantage is having a less humid home. In turn, this will present you with lower energy consumption levels, as you will need less heating systems.



Terraces are made from concrete, a material that over time, and with long-term exposure to water, can break down. 

By waterproofing your terrace you will be able to protect your home or premises from erosion and rusting.

roof garden


Roof gardens are a major culprit for building erosion, as when watering your plants you will also be wetting the floor. This will negatively impact your roof as it will weaken it and can even cause an unhealthy atmosphere in your home.



By waterproofing your balcony, you will be able to make it safer for you and your family. This will also decrease the risk of mould and mildew growth — a major home price depreciator. Moreover, mould can cause bacterial growth within your house.

Our Systems

We at AG Waterproofing Services are a team of experienced contractors that have been professionally trained in the field. We are ready to present you with the best services possible in relation to membrane and waterproofing solutions. 

Thanks to our services, you will be able to identify and solve a number of leakage sources within your house.

Latest Technologies

We are equipped with a number of tools and supplies that will present you with the repair and prevention of any damage caused by leaks or humidity within your home. We promise our clients a diligent, efficient and effective waterproofing solution.

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