About Us

Who are we?

We at AG Waterproofing Services present our clients with a wide array of services for waterproofing and membrane solutions. With us, you can get a range of cement-based roof membranes, cool roofing systems and liquid membrane. All of these supplies can be acquired in a number of different colours. 

Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and that is why we present our clients with impeccable service and immediate solutions.

Moreover, we at AG Waterproofing Services only use products that are in compliance with European Standards. We offer you a 10-year guarantee on any waterproofing membrane materials and services presented by us.



We offer high-quality materials and applications to our clients. Our service includes on-site specialised supervisors



We strive towards presenting you with timely service. One of our promises to you is a free quotation within 48 hours.



We promise our clients a reliable service complete with visual and laboratory inspections, and humidity measurements.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Roofing Systems

  • DETAILS We present customers with detailed quotations that will help them plan accordingly

  • INSPECTIONS We will inspect your building to detect and identify any existing or potential leaks

  • SURVEYS We offer our clients laboratory and visual testing services

  • GUARANTEE We provide our clients with a 10-year guarantee

  • PRICES We promise the best prices on high-quality solutions

  • CERTIFICATION We present you with a Reliable Service Certificate